Moofish from Te Awamutu play dark broody songs from the pen of Rhonda Johnson the lead vocalist. From rock through to pop and acoustic. The name originated from one of the band member's nickname fish and the fact that they manage a dairy farm, so theres the moo. In one line - they are atmospheric dark and moody music for the emotions... playing anything from acoustic to dark modern rock electronica.

Johnny & The Phantoms specialty is hard nosed R'n'B music. They made a name for themselves by averaging three four hour gigs a week in bars all over the country, for over twelve years.

JEL present an original stage set which incorporates a drum riser, backdrop plus lighting and a smoke show. JEL was the concept of Ivan Krippner from IK Creations and came together in September of 1997. It is the result of a subtle blend of not only today’s great dance and rock songs, but also ballads, love songs, acoustic trios, heavy metal and a selection of other acts from the ‘70’s, ‘80’s and ’90’s that other groups find hard to follow. For more info visit the website.

Introducing... Garry Spain - a full time musician combining live entertainment work with teaching from Te Awamutu (electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano, keyboard, banjo and vocals).

Garrys musical and entertainment skills have been honed through his involvement in touring shows, rock ‘n roll, blues and rock bands playing the hotel and club circuits. Garry also had a two-year stint on the Waipa Delta Riverboat as a solo performer.

With over 360 songs in his repertoire, covering easy listening, rock’n roll, rock blues, country, retro hits and current hits, Garry is an entertainer for all occasions.

In addition to working as a live entertainer Garry has worked as a session musician, on a number of tape and CD productions. He has also produced a tape 'Stay with Me' - a mixture of rock’n roll, country rock and blues. As a touring musician he has worked with many of New Zealands finest entertainers - Patsy Riggir, Bunny Walters, Tony Williams, Tom Sharplin and John Grenell.

To book Garry - (07) 871 8798 or (021) 32 3073

Isaac Thackary Band is a young man who hails from the little village under the slopes of Pirongia Mountain. He was a singer/guitar player in a band named Greenfield, famous in Te Awamutu and Pirongia and not famous anywhere else. Isaac, tired of playing another mans songs decided to record some he had written and sung to himself in the bedroom and sometimes in the lounge.

On February 19th 1998 Isaac arrived at the studio Musicare with his band Chappy Farrell - 'bass', and John Dill - 'drums' - two legends in Te Awamutu/Pirongia music scene. 'On my Knees' and 'She Said Oh Yeah' had been born. At a later date Jason Skelton a spiffingly good friend added organ parts to 'On My Knees'- using another mans organ, in a flat above the studio.

The The Downbeat Jammers are a loose configuration of musicians, including 'Herbie' Mason Riseborough, Gina Temple and producer Daniel Howard.

Their musical explorations take place at Downbeat Studios, and have been linked to even looser collaboration 'eightyeight' and included on their CD 'Cool Drop'. All musical inspirations arise from the loose forms of the JAM, where ideas flow freely, to be later edited and distilled into more concrete forms. Hence - the Downbeat Jammers...

The Blues Animals began when Peter Archer, blues Harp player based in Tauranga who works free lance as a session musician got together with other blues animals hence, 'Blues Animals'.

Wes Thatcher has a business called Media Script and is working on a documentary with Keith from PMMCO and you can view his site here.